In 2011, a dream came true when we bought a beautiful 100-acre farm northeast of the city.  We named it Northbrook farm in honour of my Grandmother Yvonne, who passed away the summer before.  She and my grandfather ran a small hotel in Blackpool, England for many years called – you guessed it – The Northbrook.

Since we bought the farm (still can’t say that without laughing) we’ve been visiting nearly every weekend and discovering the joys of country life.  During the week I work in my business, Admiral Road Designs and on writing and consulting projects around the book I wrote with my business partner and BFF, Mom Inc, How to Raise Your Family and Your Business without Losing Your Mind or Your Shirt.  When I’m not doing those things I’m raising my 8 year-old son and my 7 year-old daughter.  I also frequently give in to my new-found compulsion for working out, especially lifting weights.  And when I’ve got any more time after all of that I think about being at Northbrook Farm.

On the weekends I’m busy honouring my inner-farm girl.  There are things to cook and knit, there are sunrises and sunsets to enjoy, and cocktails to be had while enjoying said sunsets.  There are books to read, walks to enjoy, vegetables and flowers to grow.  Most importantly, at Northbrook there is time to spend together and to just sit quietly and enjoy the beauty and the stillness.  It’s my own small slice of perfection, and I’m glad to share it with you here.




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