I’m stealing the last few moments of an early start to the day.  The WorkHorse was commuting to the city this morning and pointed out this when he got up.


I’m a sucker for a sunrise, so I started my day at 5:00.

At the moment it’s very quiet in the house because last night the kids got up to this:


Grandpa decided the Boy should have a place of his own, so for his birthday he received this brand new tent.  The kids camped out there overnight, where they remain this morning.  We were expecting someone to cave and come in the house at some point, but unless they’ve been dragged off by coyotes in the night they are enjoying a sleep-in as I type.  It’s hard to believe anyone could sleep in between the sunrise, the birds and the roosters..so I may have to check on them soon just to make sure that coyote thing didn’t happen.  They did look pretty cozy when I said goodnight….DSC_0020

It’s been so long between posts because life has been very, very full.  We’ve been going at a dead run since early May and the time that I’ve had at Northbrook has been dedicated to gardening and just enjoying it.

This week the kids and I spent a good few days up here, and will return for longer after a quick trip to the city.  We were all set for the Boy’s 10th birthday pool party this weekend.  Then, a wild storm blew through on Friday and knocked out our power out until noon on Saturday.  Since no electricity also means no plumbing, we were forced to cancel.  The boy took it as well as can be expected, but a disappointing blow all the same.  We did our best to salvage the weekend.  Here’s the boy enjoying a cake made and decorated by his sister.


A lot of the weekend was dedicated to the garden as well.  The WorkHorse has been helping a lot in the battle against the bindweed.  The battle continues and I’m still not sure we’ll be the victors.

Bindweed aside, the garden is also very, very full.  We’ve had early cucumbers, zucchini, pattypan squash, potatoes, peppers, green beans, beets, peas, basil, and cilantro.  993355_10151794682412354_649121073_n

Here’s what I foraged for dinner the other night.

Potato salad from Ian Knauer’s The Farm – I put three or four different colour potatoes in plus basil and cilantro from the garden.


Mixed beets with goat cheese and basil.


Beet greens with potent, fresh from the ground garlic.

DSC_0006 Last night’s project was blanching and freezing this pile of goodness,


and today’s project is cleaning and preparing the garlic and onion harvests so I can cure them in the sun for a few weeks.1012868_10151794664637354_839228043_n

That’s the update from Northbrook.  Here’s hoping good things are growing, eaten and celebrated where you are too.


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