Delinquent again

A Tuesday morning when the WorkHorse is home and transporting children to school and I have a rare hour to get a few things done.

I’m shocked at the way life has conspired to keep us away from the farm over the last two months.  Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Black belt

My 9 year old black belt.


The girl is a published author.

tough kids

Tough kids after their first triathlon.DSC_0100


The Tough Mudder of those tough kids.

There’s more.  The WorkHorse has been traveling for his job like crazy.  The kids are busy at school and I’ve been finishing up the sale of my business.  In the midst of all of this activity, we’ve managed to get the garden put in.


Isn’t it pretty?  Of course there isn’t enough room – there never will be.  It’s nice having things come up at the start of the season like the chives and garlic.  I put in horrid marigolds (blech) which I hope will repel nasty bugs and which, I’ll admit, do provide a nice pop of colour.  I stuck  a few little flowers here and there, both in the beds and in pots, as well as in my new log planter that the WorkHorse foraged for me.

DSC_0028 (2)

Well hello there, handsome.  May I introduce you to one of the pumpkin plants that is going to make many pumpkins this year and not have any trouble with bindweed?  That’s right.


One of the cherry bushes.  I think it’ll be a few years before anything really exciting happens here.

DSC_0030 (2)

Crappy shed bed, take 2.  I planted some salvia, the hollyhocks are back and very happy, a few sunflowers actually germinated this year, and if you look closely, a brand new shiny toad house just waiting for a lucky toad to come along and claim it.  Bat houses have also gone up – we love all manner of things the rest of the world finds creepy.DSC_0031 (2)

Bwah ha ha – my cunning plan of netting the corn foiled the hungry birds this year and it has sprouted.  (Now I wait for it to grow so the raccoons can eat it, like they do to my strawberries.)

I was actually smug about the garden for about 1 week.  After it all went in and started to germinate I enjoyed a brief period of self congratulation, although I knew it was just a matter of time before issues arose.  It’s started.  The cucumbers and peppers are looking very sickly indeed and they’ve barely begun.  I may (and this pains me) have to supplement with nursery-bought plants.  Makes me feel like a fraud, but at least I’ll be a fraud with lots of pickles in a few months.

The next few weeks promise to be equally as hectic,with some much anticipated farm time scheduled for July and August.  I can’t wait.


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