Fall leaves (because now we can talk about it)

So it’s November 7th somehow, and I haven’t posted in a long time.  This is because, unbelievably sadly, I haven’t been to the farm in a month.  October is filled with city commitments – birthday parties, our school’s annual fun fair, bike racing and more.  Add to that two trips I’ve taken in the last three weeks – one to New York and one to Vancouver, and I’m starving for the farm.  This weekend has only one city commitment so we’ll have a partial weekend to spend at Northbrook, thank goodness!

The WorkHorse and the children spent last weekend at the farm dealing with the leaves.  I think what actually happened was that the WorkHorse dealt with the leaves while the children snuggled inside watching Ghostbusters, but I wasn’t there so who knows for sure?  Last year we raked the leaves by hand.  There are about 100 maple trees and 10 acres of grass around the house and outbuildings.  To say that it was unpleasant raking those leaves would be a bit like saying Hurricane Sandy was a spot of bad weather.  In all seriousness, the WorkHorse and I can’t even speak about the leaves last year- yes, it was that awful.  This led my smart husband online last winter to research another way.  In his online travels he came across the Cyclone Rake.  It’s a leaf collection tool that attaches to a riding mower.  I love the marketing materials for this company – every picture has someone grinning from ear to ear while using their Cyclone Rake. Like using it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to them.  But then, maybe it is….

Cyclone Rake XL field mowing

What the WorkHorse’s research told him was that this piece of equipment was very loud, hard on the wallet, and just about the greatest thing ever for those well endowed with fall leaves.  We hemmed and hawed about the expense of it.  But then a very generous Fairy Grandmother made a gift of it to the WorkHorse.  Given the trauma of last year’s leaf collection, it was too hard to refuse her offer.  I’m happy to report that the leaves were collected with a lot less distress this year.  Better yet, they are mulched and waiting in the back paddock for whatever mulching and composting I want to do with them!  The best part?  I missed the leaf collection altogether!


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