Dining Room Update

I’m a bit of a goal oriented person, and on my list this summer was to fix up the farm’s dining room.  Previously it was my least favourite room in the house, despite having good bones, beautiful pocket doors and lots of light.  It was also yellow.  Now I don’t have anything against yellow itself, but there is a colour of yellow that people paint their houses that sucks the life out of both the room and the people in it!  Adding to the horrible, soul-sucking yellow walls was that brass light fixture that was meant to look like a gas lamp.  We also have four different shades of wood in here, none of which looked good with yellow.  It was a wonder I ever ate a meal in here before.  Fortunately all of that has now changed.  The dining room is now my very favourite room in the house – thanks to a summer of mostly cheap fix-er-up projects.

First, we painted the room a soft grey, from Benjamin Moore’s Historic Collection.  It’s a shade darker than the grey in the hallway just outside the dining room.  Immediately the wood tones stopped looking awful – it was like the whole room relaxed.  Next, I fixed up that old jam cupboard – previously peach and green.  Now it’s a bit darker than the walls and has pretty glass knobs.  It’s also a place to stash some of the stuff that was just piled up in a wooden crate for the last year!  It was a messy job but completely worth it.  Here’s what it looks like now:

And, as you can see, we hung up the rooster painting we got from artist Julia McNeely just above it.  We did end up getting the pig painting too – those were the splurge items for the dining room.

Since that mason jar light fixture from pottery barn wasn’t going to work with our plaster medallion, the WorkHorse suggested an online search and I’m so glad he did.  I found this wonderful company on Etsy called BootsNGus  – and they custom-made us the most incredible mason jar chandelier – it’s perfect and I’m in love with it.

The other art projects were cheap, cheerful and dreamed up by yours truly.  First, we had some great birds’ nests that we’d found around the farm, and I wanted to show them off.  With a hot glue gun and a few Ikea shadow boxes, here’s what they look like:

We still had a bare spot, and I had some vintage table cloths from the Fairy Grandmother that I’d been waiting years to do something with.  I was going to make some quilt blocks to frame, but I realized they were perfect as they were.  Two more inexpensive Ikea frames and – voila – more cheap art!

Here’s a shot of the dining room now that’s it’s all done:

Don’t you love our laptops and all of the wires on the table?!  You may also notice that the table and the window are not lined up.  One of the farm’s many idiosyncracies is that the ceiling medallion and the window are misaligned, and the new fixture required lining the table up under it.  It actually seems as though the window isn’t centered in the wall.  I love an old house!

We’ve been at this project all summer, and I’m happy to say that there aren’t any more redecorating projects lined up.  We’ve got lots to do in the gardens, and lots of cooking to do in the kitchen this fall.  But now that the dining room is done, when can you come for dinner?


6 thoughts on “Dining Room Update

  1. Wow! It’s like a completely different room than what we left this week! Great eye, Danielle – it looks fantastic. I want to come to dinner again soon.

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