Getting things done

It’s been five days since we left our babies in the woods and while I wouldn’t say I’m comfortable with it, I’m getting more used to it.  And while I’d love to know how they’re doing, I’m enjoying the freedom from parenting and meal production.  Last night, for instance, the WorkHorse and I sat on the front porch for our farm-weekend tradition of cocktails and nibblies before dinner.  In the end, we just ate cheese and crackers and wine for dinner…glorious freedom, no guilt!

The other perk to having the kids away is plowing through the to-do list.  Now that the farm has been painted, I’m turning my attention to adding some decoration to the farm house.  We’ve had virtually nothing on the walls for a year, save for a painting by my father-in-law and the kids’ art here and there.  It’s time to make some changes and to make the place ours.

This week we had a chance to visit an artist whose work we’d seen in our local ice cream shop, of all places.  Her name is Julia McNeely and we fell in love with her farm animal paintings – they are bold and graphic and have just the right amount of modern to make it not too country, you know?  Here’s the rooster painting we picked up for the dining room (my poor photography doesn’t begin to do it justice).  We’re planning on a beautiful pig to go with it down the road.

Also for the dining room I’m obsessing about light fixtures.  We’ve got this ‘ye olde timey’ gas lantern thing up, which came with the house.  The WorkHorse likes it but it makes me want to die inside a little.  I’m afraid I’ve had to exercise a design veto on that one.  I’ve been yearning for mason jar chandelier like this:

Exeter 16-Jar Pendant, Galvanized Metal finish

The trouble is, we’ve got an original plaster medallion in the center of the ceiling which is messing with my plans.  I’ve found a company on etsy that makes great mason jar light fixtures and I’m hoping I can work something out with them.

The other long-overdue project for the dining room is to repaint an old jam cupboard that was a gift from the fairy grandmother.  It’s beautiful, but it’s also orange and green at the moment.  Early attempts at stripping it have indicated that it’ll be best to repaint.  Today’s kid-free project is going to be getting more of the paint off so it’ll be ready to paint next weekend.  It’s very hot and sticky, so the idea of spending the day in the shed, fully clothed to avoid being burned by the paint remover isn’t this farm girl’s idea of a good time.  But, it’s been sitting in that shed for a year, and it’s time.  Besides, it’ll be nice to get rid of the pile of junk that’s been sitting in the corner of the dining room for a year, waiting to go into the cupboard.

To motivate myself further, I’ll post the before picture:

Wish me luck on that one!

The other farm-related ‘getting things done’ project is fixing up an old window frame.  I’ve been looking for a great window frame to turn into a mirror for the upstairs hallway.  This involves yelling ‘slow down!’ every time we drive by an antiques store or garage sale while driving near the farm.  And there’s the pretty frame I missed out on at the Amish auction.  Last Sunday, after dropping the kidlets at camp, we finally had the chance to actually stop and poke around at an antiques store we often drive past.  We dug through piles of window and door frames and found a pretty but seriously beaten up frame.  It’s very tall – almost door sized, with rounded top that is oddly – hinged on.  The best part?  It was $40.  I dragged it into a local glass and mirror shop who will be fixing it and installing mirrors in the panes.  I think it’s going to be very cool, and cheap to boot!  I’ll show it to you when it’s done.

For now, though – it’s off to the shed and the jam cupboard…




4 thoughts on “Getting things done

  1. Enjoy the time for our selfs do not fell guilty as you both have earned some time for your selves .. ps i love the cockeral piece…..

  2. Are you using Circa 1812 to strip the cabinet? That’s what I used on that old wash basin stand and was able to get off the 4 layers of paint to bring it back to its original wood, which I then stained. It was in our kitchen in Timmins, if you recall. Good luck with it. A lot of work, but totally worth it.

    • no…i’ve never even heard of it, but maybe I should! the paint is coming off just fine, but there’s old shellac underneath that is making the job awful. I think I’ll just paint it again and change the hardware, but it’ll still be nice. thanks for the tip! how’s NL????

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