It’s Tuesday and I’m posting from the city, nothing unusual there.  Only this time it’s dead quiet in my house.  I’ve been up for an hour and I’ve done nothing but have a cup of tea and poke around online.  The kids, you see, are not here.

We dropped the boy and the girl off at camp on Sunday.  To make a day of it, we left Northbrook a little earlier than we needed to and first had a great brunch at a terrific greasy spoon in Kirkfield.  Then, even though we were full, but because we were creating a new tradition, stopped for a cone at Kawartha Dairy in Minden.  The kids were in good spirits – the girl was beside herself at the new adventure ahead, the boy a little more subdued but still excited.  I however, despite long anticipating the break from parenting in general, and preparing meals in particular, was feeling very…churned up, all day.

We arrived at camp in the early afternoon.  The counsellors line the road and cheer raucously when you pull up – a wonderfully welcoming gesture.  After checking everyone in we dropped the girl at her cabin first.  I was suprised at the brevity of the goodbye, and grateful for my sunglasses as I left the cabin teary-eyed.  Everyone held it together as we installed the boy in his bunk and had another quick goodbye.  I am of course grateful and proud that the kids were able to be hugged, kissed and dropped off without event – the alternative would have been awful.  While a little part of me wanted longer hugs, and at least one more kiss, mostly I was glad to see the kids so eager to get started at camp.

Here they are over the weekend practicing with their new paddles:

About 20 minutes down the road I turned to the WorkHorse and told him that we’d just left our babies in the woods without us and we needed to turn around and go get them.   Once again, the WorkHorse’s sense of calm prevailed and we carried on back to the city.  He was kind enough not to mind each time I asked him “what do you think they are doing now?” for the remainder of the day.

Now I’d be lying if I said that I thought about my kids all day when they are at school or camp in the city.  Truth be told, I barely think of them between drop-off and pick-up.  I’ve got exactly six hours each day to run various businesses, get to the gym and run the household – there’s no time to think of the kids then.  But now that they are away from me and I have no way to know how they’re doing, if they’re happy, and what they are up to, I find myself thinking of them constantly.  It’s hard to believe it’ll be almost two weeks before I put my arms around them and hear all about their experiences at camp.

In the meantime, I’ve committed to curing my kitchen fatigue by not cooking a meal for the remainder.  Can it be done?  Last night we actually went out and sat on a patio for a really nice meal at a local gastro pub. I’ve got to admit it’s awfully civilized to be sipping a glass of pinot grigio with one’s husband of a Monday evening!  We’ve got plans for some dinners out, long weekends at Northbrook and a long-anticipated culinary experience next weekend.  I’m not exactly sure what we’ll eat at Northbrook, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to involve picking up nice prepared meals in the city before we go.  Once I return to cooking I’ll get into these beauties, straight out of the garden (well, via two weeks curing in the sun):

For now though, those onions will have to wait.  It’s take out sushi tonight 😉


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