The beginning of the leaving

I know I’m late posting for the week when I’m working at it while also packing up to go back to the farm!  As I had expected, last weekend was all about the boy’s birthday party and guests.  Here’s the tank cake I made for him – he was thrilled.Image

And while it was mostly tank cakes and swimming, there were a few moments for the garden.  We made our first batch of refrigerator pickles and I took advantage of the beautiful light from the sunrise to get this arty shot of them.Image

They look pretty good, non?  Guess what? They tasted fantastic!  And, since the cucumbers, dill and onions all came straight out of the Obsession – they were extra satisfying!

Elsewhere in the garden I cleared out some yucky old lettuce and planted some new, plus kale for a second crop.  I would have waited to plant it but for some great advice I received from reading another blog.  I also tucked in some more basil and some more beets.  I love how much the garden is ever evolving – it makes it a constant source of satisfaction (/disappointment, as the case may be).

Sunday’s sunrise was spectacular.  The WorkHorse called me up from the basement (the laundry never sleeps) to see it.  Imagine a perfect, neon orange tennis ball slowly rising from the horizon into a grey sky – it was incredible.  I never manage to do any sunrise justice, but here’s my best shot of it.


See?  I told you I couldn’t do it justice.  Just imagine it about 1000 times better than this photo and you’ll begin to get the idea.

The city week has been dedicated to getting the boy and the girl packed up for their first trip to overnight camp.  I’ve been very busy labelling, labelling, labelling then packing, packing, packing.  And, while I’m delighted at the two-week vacation from parenting (and probably cooking), I’m also beginning to feel some real pangs of …. something I can’t quite identify.  I’ve been thinking about the fact that one of the major aspects of good parenting is preparing our kids to leave us.  Kind of crazy, isn’t it?  We birth them and raise them – and if we did a good job, they just walk on out and live their lives.  The WorkHorse and I are big believers in summer camp – it instills a confidence in kids that they can manage without mum and dad.  All the same, I’m wistful as we prepare to drop them off on this adventure.  Perhaps it’s the beginning of the leaving that’s rattling me.  I shall have to console myself with many wonderful meals in restaurants, time with the WorkHorse, the blissful quiet and maybe even the odd letter from the kids.

And, at this very moment, I just may console myself with a couple of these beauties.  Until next week…



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