It had to happen.  The bloom wasn’t going to stay on the proverbial rose forever, was it?  The first bits of adversity have hit the Northbrook Obsession.

For starters, the long-anticipated nasturtiums have been attacked by a colony of little black bugs who are snacking through the leaves at an alarming rate.  I tried spraying them off with the hose which was effective for a few hours, but I’ll need a soap and water solution this weekend.  There are too many to squish, regrettably.

Actually, buggy was the main feeling of the farm this week.  In some cases I was glad to see the bugs, namely the bees buzzing around the veggies.  Mostly though, I was just itchy.  Every time I ventured outside I found myself covered in every manner of insect – the most annoying of which were the microscopic pests that look like dust..that is until they start crawling up your arms and legs.  There were small white ticky looking things (praying I don’t have Lyme disease), spiders, slimy grubby looking things and more.  Every thing I picked up outside of the house displaced a large moth and I’ve got more than my fair share of mosquito bites too.  Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?  I don’t know if it was the heat, my being cranky or just July, but buggy was definitely the theme.

The culinary disappointment of the weekend was the batch of pesto I made, only to discover that the basil had gone very bitter.  All of it, no less.  I’m not sure why this has happened – I’ve been pinching off the tops of the plants so they don’t flower…any ideas?  I’ve planted a new row so hopefully I’ll have a late summer pesto solution.

The good news from the garden was the emergence of cucumbers.  Only the pickling cucumbers were ready to start harvesting and they are wonderful to eat.  So good, in fact, I wonder if any will make it to the pickle jars!  The WorkHorse is very keen on pickles, so we’ll have to make sure we do that.

I harvested about half of the onions as the tops started to fall over.  They are now curing in the city back yard this week.  They were smallish, but hopefully will be tasty.  I suspect I should have thinned them more.  So many learnings….

As for our bird tenants, the first nest has been abandoned – presumably the babies were ready to fly.  As for the second nest, when the WorkHorse took the fern down we were treated with a view of an hours-old baby bird, still pink and disoriented.  It was an amazing sight.  The next day, the baby had been joined by its siblings.  Here they are:

Next weekend will be consumed with the Boy’s birthday party, so not much gardening is likely to take place.  But I do have plans for those little nasturtium-killing $%^&*#s!



2 thoughts on “bugged

  1. Those are some nice looking cukes! So far all of mine have been very funny looking– fat at one end and skinny at the other, which I’ve heard is the result of incomplete pollination. I hope I get some better looking ones soon!

  2. Well thank you very much! I’m sorry your cukes are wonky – although, is there any such thing as a really handsome, uniform pickle? 😉 wishing you continued great growing!

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