The miracle of…potatoes

You know what gardening is?  It’s a miracle, that’s what.  This was my revelation this weekend when I picked sweet, beautiful peas and tender potatoes for dinner on Saturday.

How could it be that just a few months ago we built boxes, threw in some dirt and seeds and are now eating fresh wonderful food?  Well okay, it wasn’t a casual as all that.  I’ve definitely hovered and fretted over the vegetable garden.  But I’m struck by how much things want to grow – all living things want to live and reproduce, and mercifully, it’s showing in the garden. Here is some photographic evidence…

Here is the chard we took when visiting the Master Gardener – I love the colours of it.  I think I’ll always grow it just to look at.

The peas are wonderful.  We didn’t get many plants (the birds enjoyed snacking on the seeds immensely) and I was late getting them in, but delicious all the same and definitely worth the wait.

And yes, after weeks of fretting and whinging about them, I was thrilled to see that the nasturtiums have bloomed.  They’ve brought just the hit of colour the garden needed.

I’d love to bore you with pictures of teeny tiny cucumbers and fledgling tomatoes, but all that can wait for another time.

Before I sign off, in the category of miracles and the will to live – here are the newest residents of Northbrook farm, happily living in one of the ferns.  Another family is expected in a neighbouring fern shortly and I for one, can’t wait to welcome them.



2 thoughts on “The miracle of…potatoes

  1. The chard and potatoes were delicious . . . what a difference freshly picked makes! Remember nasturium leaves are edible, wonderfully peppery. If you want lots of nasturium flowers starve the plant of fertilizer; if you want an abundance of leaves, fertilize!

    Carol (aka the grand title of ‘master gardener’)

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