The vegetable garden continues in it’s mid-season state.  Much is growing but not much is ready yet, save for the lettuce and chard.  The weeding continues to be manageable.  I realize that I am, for the moment, satisfied with the garden.  It occurs to me that this is akin to being satisfied with one’s body – such a fleeting sensation that it must be truly savoured!  I know that next week may bring me disappointments, garden pests, raccoon damage or just plain failure, but for this moment I’ll just enjoy it the way it is.

Of course this doesn’t stop me from dreaming up the fall projects!  The WorkHorse and I are going to build the exterior beds so that we’ll have all the room we need for next year.  I’ve learned a lot so far this summer, and one thing for sure is that we need more space to do everything we want to do.  Eventually this garden will have exterior beds and a fence – modelling a traditional four-square kitchen garden.  The fence may not happen for another year or so, all in good time.   The exterior beds will be home to herbs, some of the prettier veggies like the chard and maybe the carrots and perennial flowers, leaving the center beds for the vegetables.  We’ll leave the bed at the back so we’ll have room for the things that need more space.  I’m having just a little luck with pumpkins and zucchini back there and one sad watermelon hangs in the balance.  Mostly I’m growing insane weeds.  The bindweed and I are fighting it out, but he’s winning I regret to say.  Here’s a picture from that bed.  Don’t be fooled by the small quantity of weeds here, this was the area I weeded – the rest of the bed is a haven of bindweed.

There are a few edible flowers growing in the middle.  I’ve had little success growing flowers of any kind from seed.  Next year I’ll start all flowers indoors and transplant them.

The other exciting development in the vegetable garden was the first evidence of tomatoes!  Have a look at the vining cherry tomato plant we’ve got growing up a fence post:

If that’s not happy news I don’t know what is!

Don’t get the idea there’s much gardening going on at Northbrook these days.  Mostly life looks like this:

End-of-year pool party at Northbrook:

The boy and my niece on what she called ‘the jumpoline’.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful shot my brother took of the the girl in the sand pit.  I love how wild and beautiful she looks here.

If only every week could be filled with tiny tomatoes and jumpolines.



4 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Wow! The garden looks amazing! A far cry from the day when you procured the wood and the truck showed up with the dirt. The veggies are obviously as happy at Northbrook as you are 🙂

  2. So much abundance in the veggie garden! Michael and I will be pleased to help out with eating potatoes.

    Girl-in-the-pit photo is fabulous.

    Our city racoons demolished 4 beautiful sun-flower plants, including flowers, in one sitting . . . oh well, we got to enjoy them (the flowers, that is) for 2 days. But, the joys of gardening outweigh the disappointments.

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