Salads, strawberries and weeds, always the weeds

I got up at my usual just before 6:00 this morning, I’m a total sucker for the sunrise.  Once again I put on my rubber boots and tried to capture the light – and the sky and mist, and once again my photography skills, and probably my camera, let me down.  Here’s what I came up with…if any of you photographically-minded folks have suggestions for me I’d be grateful.

And because the Obsession never lets up, I took a look at the things I’m trying to grow…

and wondered whether nature isn’t doing just fine without us.

I’ll admit that when I got to the farm on Friday I felt a little deflated.  By not being here every day I realize that I may expect more from the garden than I should.  I expect huge changes each Friday, somehow forgetting that I last looked at the garden only five days earlier.  Here are the garden updates:

The beets continue to mystify me with their complete unwillingness to grow.  I’ve bought a new pack of seeds and am going to try again in a different bed.  They can have the radishes’ old spot.  Fingers crossed…

The potatoes are still going crazy.  More hilling to do today.

While I keep waiting for the sunflower plants to stand up and identify themselves out of the mass of weeds in their bed, I’m also pretty sure the birds got a lot of the seeds.  I’m going to try again with some new seeds and hope for the best.

The lettuces are wonderful and the salads have been delicious this weekend.  We’re throwing in radishes and arugula too.  The WorkHorse and I had some lovely sauteed spinach as well.  We haven’t had much spinach, but it was delicious.

The first batch of kale chips was consumed with gusto by the small people.  I still can’t believe they’ll eat kale, but I’ll take it.  I’ll be planting a big crop of kale for the fall too, just for the chips.

Weeds are overtaking the pumpkin/watermelon/zucchini bed.  I’ve got some mulching to do before we leave today.  There are no signs of any action from the pumpkin seeds.

The corn isn’t showing any signs of life either.  Looking out at Jeff’s neat rows of corn is just making me feel worse.

The kids harvested a bounty of tiny wild strawberries, which they ate with ice cream while watching a movie last night.  Kid heaven.

The tomatoes are settling in just fine.  They, and everything else, are going to enjoy a lovely snack of fish emulsion today.

Cilantro and dill are starting to look like little tiny cilantro and dill plants.  Even a few of the parsley seem to have rallied after the gore of two weeks ago.

The nasturtiums are doing my bidding and I think will be a lovely focal point to the garden.  Even the yucca in the center has a flower to offer.

Mostly, there is the weeding.  I came across a fantastic gardening blog called fast grow the weeds.  All weekend each trip to the kitchen garden has that blog title running through my head.  I’ll admit that I was unprepared for the weeds.  They are formidable opponents and I’m not always sure I’ll be the winner in the end.  Now that most things are established, I’m going to start more mulching, keep weeding, and hope for the best.

This week we’re having the interior of the farm house painted.  I’m looking forward to a fresh coat of colour, but mostly I’m just jealous of the painters who will get to live here all week while we get to our ‘real lives’ in the city.  Between the city and the farm, which is my ‘real life’ is sometimes hard to tell.


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