We spent a short, cold and rainy weekend at Northbrook.  At least the females did.  The males were off looking at civil war battlefields and the like.  So, we ventured out to the garden once or twice and then sensibly came back in and continued our very long marathon of Little House on the Prairie episodes.  It was blissfully sedentary.

Before leaving I took the hanging ferns down to let them get some of the rain.  Look what I found inside:

Then, on the way home I was marveling at the light – it was raining but the trees were casting shadows and the fields were a wonderful chartreuse colour.  I turned my head and saw the most brilliant, perfect rainbow I’ve ever seen.  Every colour was perfectly defined and the whole thing was visible, end to end.  It was a beautiful ending to a grey weekend.

Hope you find some lovely surprises this week.


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