I was up before the sun this morning.  I can never resist the morning here.  The sunrise is beautiful, but I usually sit and have my tea on the west-facing front porch.  The light is perfect, the air is fresh and the birds are making such a racket that I have to laugh.  I’m not sure if there is anywhere more perfect to be this morning than at our farm.

I’ve come in to whip up a last-minute batch of cupcakes.  The kids and I have made this stegosaurus cake for my dino-mad niece’s 3rd birthday party today.  I also made a batch of cupcakes because this is a big party, but the batch came up shorter than I’d like.  So, to ease my anxiety (I’m habitually worried I won’t have enough food for guests, although it has never happened) I’m going to attempt a half-batch of early morning cupcakes. But first, the rest of my tea and my blog for a moment…

It’s another half-weekend for us, but I’m hoping this weekend ends the long streak of them, especially with so much to do around here.  The WorkHorse is away, joyfully riding his bike for a week, so I was on deck for all things house and yard this weekend.  We arrived on Friday and stopped in for dinner at the Silver Spurs.  I was seriously disappointed to find that they’d changed their perfect hamburgers to frozen.  Why would anyone do that?  Actually, I know why because I asked.  Apparently people hadn’t liked the flavour of the homemade burgers.  I think this is because people have forgotten what a hamburger tastes like when it’s made from real meat.  People have come to expect the fatty processed frozen flavour rather than the fresh beef flavour.  As I said, pretty disappointing.  This development might seriously impact our eating patterns at the farm.  Because I can barbecue a frozen hamburger myself, just ask my kids 😉

Yesterday I realized I’d forgotten fondant (for Stegosaurus plates, of course) so we needed a trip into Lindsay.  The rest of the day was dedicated to gardening or cake making.  Into the garden went asparagus crowns (green and purple – thank you Sheridan nurseries!), the rest of the potatoes (one more from the farm box plus French Fingerling and Mozart varieties), swiss chard (wasn’t going to but I couldn’t resist the amazing colours), more spinach, kale and peas.  In a few weeks I’ll plant cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, and the herbs.

I realize that I want to plant more things than I have room for.  I also realize that I have trouble not planting everything I want to – I’m even having trouble leaving seeds in the packet!  When we put in the outer beds next year I think this will relieve the pressure, but for now I’m just cramming it in.  I’m also being pretty liberal with my interpretation of my garden plan!  I couldn’t throw out even one of the hard-won asparagus plants.  So they got the zucchini’s spot.  I like asparagus a whole lot more than I like zucchini.  I think the ferns will look pretty in the garden, and it’s a multi-year investment – so I had to get tough with my summer squash.  I’ll just cram the zucchini in somewhere else.

This post was supposed to be about discoveries.  Because I feel like there are more every weekend.  Last weekend I found fossils in our rock pile.  And this beautiful fungus on a stump outside the barn.  This weekend we found two robin’s eggs – one clean and the other blood and feather-filled.  I also discovered wild strawberries all over the grass, mixed in with the millions (no joke) of dandelions.  The wild abundance of dandelions led the oldest to observe wryly ‘at least it adds a touch of colour to the farm’.  But how will I be able to cut the grass (weeds) if there are wild strawberries everywhere.  It’s going to be a problem.

In the woodland bed (that’s what I’m going to call the new bed where we cut down all the scraggly maples), I discovered another purple trillium, plus a beautiful flowering yellow plant which was alive with bees.  I also discovered that the woodland bed is insanely dense with worms – so the kids spent a happy hour and a half being ‘worm hunters’.  They were gleefully digging up worms and transporting them to the vegetable beds.

Recently the WorkHorse discovered a whole pile of beautiful cobblestones, just thrown in a bush.  We’ll find a spot for those somewhere in the garden.  I wonder if we’ll ever stop finding new amazing things here.

Off to the cupcakes.  And also to a less pleasant discovery – an unpleasant odour emanating from the fridge!


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