Dirty Business

Nothing was cleaned this weekend at Northbrook.  The laundry has piled up, and apart from a scandalously quick sweep of the floor, the house was horribly neglected.  Not much came out of the kitchen either, I’m afraid.

This weekend was dedicated wholeheartedly to the Obsession.  Friday afternoon I spent some time cleaning up the perennial beds around the pool and the front porch.  I should have done this in the fall, of course, but let’s not dwell on that, shall we?  It was a big ‘ole mess of leaves and dead plant material for me to push aside.  That project was interrupted by nightfall and a trip into town for dinner at our favourite local place, The Silver Spurs.  If you’re ever in Woodville, Ontario and want a good, homemade meal – you’ll want to head on over to this place.  Order the burger or the ribs, you won’t regret it.

Saturday began with a workout and then back into the garden to continue cleaning the beds.  And, something exciting happened.  I got over my nervousness about the John Deere riding mower and trailer.  I put on my big girl panties and took that machine firmly in hand.  I can’t believe I waited so long!  Not only can I haul all manner of gardening materials around the farm, but it’s also pretty fun.  On the upside, I’m pretty sure I’ve upped my cool factor with the kids.  But on the downside?  I think this means I’m going to have to tackle the grass this summer…

Just in time for the beds to be cleaned and ready to go, John from The Glen Road Organics showed up with the first load (of three!) of our soil, compost and mulch delivery.  Oh happy day for the Garden Obsession!  Once the first load of soil was dropped we got to work with the shovels.  Shoveling this much dirt is the kind of thing you think you can imagine, but then you really can’t.  Fortunately for me, the WorkHorse did the lion’s share of filling the raised beds, but the kids and I were definitely in on the project too.

After that was done and lunch was dispatched, there was the rest to get working on.  The WorkHorse enlarged the bed next to the crappy shed, but I had to load up the extra discarded sod and the loosen the earth (think breaking rocks in the Gulag) before I added some of our shiny new soil to build up the beds and improve the quality.

I was just getting started.  I loaded up the trailer on the mower with more soil and then got to work on the front porch beds.  John and Mary from The Glen Road Organics advised raising up these beds as well.  Since we’ve already got perennials in there, this meant digging up everything, loosening the soil, adding new soil, and then putting things back.  While I was at it, I sliced and diced some of the plants.  A good few years back my stepmum Carol, who is the best gardener I’ve ever met, showed me how to mercilessly divide a hosta – and I think I did her proud this weekend.  I divided things I can’t yet identify.  Here’s hoping I like them, because they’ve multiplied in the garden!

We had to get back to reality early this weekend.  The WorkHorse was racing and one of the kids was celebrating the birthday of a dear friend.  I snuck in some Sunday time by getting up before the sun and sorting my seeds over my morning tea.  Since lots of things are going into the beds next weekend I did a new draft of my planting plan.  I’m sure it won’t look a bit like I think it’s going to, but even a half-baked plan is preferable to just winging it, I’m pretty sure.

On the agenda next weekend?  Planting the early veggies, continuing the front and pool beds, and a trip to the garden center for a few more packages of seeds and hopefully asparagus crowns.  I’m kind of counting the sleeps before I can get my hands in these beautiful beds!



2 thoughts on “Dirty Business

  1. When I thought you couldn’t get more macho (thinking all that iron you press at the gym), I was chuffed to see you’ve conquered the lawn tractor! I love driving ours back home, although I haven’t even nearly mastered backing it up with the trailer attached. Talk about a 16 point turn! I. CAN’T. WAIT to come to the farm and help you play in the dirt. I’ve got a pretty good workhorse who would also love to help. C & D xx. PS – this is the best blog EVER.

    • Oh my dear darling Cathy, thank you! WHEN ARE YOU COMING?! I’m so glad I’m not alone with the difficulty in backing up the lawn tractor with the trailer – it may be actually impossible!

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