Squelch was the sound of the farm this past weekend.  Spring is making a brief preview appearance this week, and the farm was beautiful.  But first, before we celebrate spring, let us thank winter.  When there are leaves on the trees we don’t get to enjoy the sunset, but winter brings us this nightly:

Now winter has been very kind to us this year, especially at Northbrook.  We’ve had snow to play in, ice to skate on and storms to cozy in the farm house to.  But the drives have been mostly good and winter has been all around agreeable.  While I know it’s not gone for good just yet, this weekend got me positively itching for spring.

Here’s the farm in it’s muddy glory:

Coats were discarded, and forgotten joys remembered…

…and we began our compost project!  After dutifully collecting kitchen scraps in the city and the country we loaded up a hand-me-down compost tumbler.  Here’s the other farm workhorse getting ready to collect hay from the barn and leaves from the paddock:

The only downside to the wonderful, spring-like muddy farm was the endless laundry produced by the world’s muckiest children!

Surely we’ll have plenty more cold before spring settles in for real, but this sneak peak was a lovely little treat.  In the meantime, the garden obsession is taking on a life of it’s own.  I wonder if I should let the workhorses  know what’s coming….!


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