Battling forces

Yesterday at the farm a quiet, but fierce battle took place.  On a sunny, quiet winter morning I had to choose between what I should do….

and what I want to do….

It got a bit stormy in my head, I’ll admit.  After all, the bed was so warm and cozy and I’m up to my eyeballs in the gorgeous stories and cream-filled recipes in Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life.  In the end, reason won out and the workout was completed.  Regrettably, the austerity plan is still required.  Plus, the kids did it with me, which made it at least funny.  I also got a decent amount of office work done this weekend, but somehow all of that feels wrong.  Doing anything I have to do seems incongruous with this place where everything is about what I want to do.  What I want to do at the moment for example,  is obsess over four-square kitchen gardens like this.

And read, and knit, or even cook.  I’m still dreaming of the radishes we ate last weekend, both roasted with carrots and sweet potatoes and in this salad.  Long live the farm box!

For now though, the city beckons us back.  And the battle between farms musts and farm wishes will have to wait to be resumed next weekend.


2 thoughts on “Battling forces

  1. I could have sworn I put your blog in my reader but after a severe lack of posts, I thought I would check in again and it turns out I didn’t put it in my reader and you have been happily blogging on. I see you’re reading A Homemade Life. Don’t you love that book? It’s one of my favourites.

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