Weekend with friends

I’m posting a week late, and from the city no less.  Last weekend blogging had to wait as we spent the first half entertaining friends and the second half cleaning, catching up and enjoying the last few moments of country quiet.

On the menu last weekend were steaks, mashed potatoes from our organic vegetable box, and roasted asparagus.  There was also no shortage of wine and we finished up with apple crisp – always good, although not nearly as wonderful as when we make it from our own Northbrook apples.

Weekends spent entertaining are delightful.  For me, having a place where friends and family could enjoy a getaway with us was a big plus.  It makes for a different weekend – the difference between a looking at  a great book and a blank page..both are enticing.

The kids loved skating, playing in the snow and exploring the forest with their friends.  And of course, fireworks in the snow was a huge hit.  The adults enjoyed great conversation and the closest Scrabble game I think I’ve ever played.

The next day we all feasted on A’s amazing pancakes – I have no idea how he makes them this fluffy and since weekend breakfasts are his main contribution to the family’s feeding, I’m willing to let that secret stay with him!

Steaks and fireworks are a lovely part of having friends and family at Northbrook, but the best part is definitely getting to share it with our favourite people.


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