Farm FAQ

When a couple of people who live right in the heart of a city buy a farm, people are bound to have a few questions.  Here are the farm FAQ

Q:  You bought a farm?  Really?

A: Yep, we did.

Q: What would make you do that?

A: Well, we’ve always wanted  a place out of the city.  Most people choose cottages or cabins up north, and of course that’s appealing to us to.  But when we stopped and thought about what we love to do (I love to cook, garden and make stuff, my husband likes to ride his bike and putter), a farm just made more sense.  Plus, we wanted a year-round retreat, and a place that was in reasonable driving distance to the city.  Finally, you get more bang for your buck from a farm than a cottage.  Mostly, we just loved the idea of a farm.  We wanted to have a place where we could get out of the city, where our kids could appreciate nature and learn to play independently, and where we could spend time with each other as well as with friends and family.

Q:  Do you have animals? (This is really the second question usually)

A:  No, since we’re not at the farm full-time we can’t have any animals.  I like the idea of having animals there one day, but the WorkHorse swears we never will.  We’ll see.

Q:  Do you farm it?

A: Yes and no.  It’s a working farm, but we’re not the farmers.  A really nice guy named Jeff and his dad Wayne rent the land from us and farm it.

Q: What do they grow?

A: This year it was wheat and soy.  They change it up, so we’ll have to wait and see.  But we’ve got some plans for the garden in the meantime!

Q: Is the house liveable?

A: Yes!  It’s really comfy and even has a swimming pool.

Q: When can we come?

A: Anytime 🙂


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